20 Women Unforgettable for Their Beauty

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The glamorous Elizabeth Taylor, 1956

Without a question, Elizabeth Taylor is our first modern Hollywood star. Not only was she immensely popular onscreen, but her marriages were intense fodder for the press.

When it came to being a star, Taylor says that she loved being onscreen and working with her fellow artists, but that when it came to having photos taken of herself she could take it or leave it unless she was having her shot snapped by a friend. She told Interview Magazine:

Having to smile when you don’t feel like it. Turn to your left, turn to your right. Smile when you feel like snarling. There’s something meretricious and superficial about having to look into the camera knowing you should look your best, knowing you should try to look pretty. It’s all about self and I hate that, unless it’s with someone I love taking my picture.

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1 thought on “20 Women Unforgettable for Their Beauty”

  1. William Krumholz

    Liz Montgomery , Jane Fonda , Vivien Leigh , B. Bardot , Dawn Wells Liz Taylor . In that order .