20 Vintage Classic Cars Odd & Delightful at the Same Time

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The Owner of the Only 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible got a Deal of a Lifetime

There is only one 1956 Ferrari GT Spyder Convertible in existence today and how one man came to acquire that car is an interesting story. When avid car-lover, Robert M. Lee of Reno, Nevada, was traveling to Africa to go on safari, he stopped see Enzo Ferrari in Italy on his way. The famed automaker gave Lee some advice. He said, “If you ever buy a Ferrari, buy it from me, not Luigi Chinetti in New York.” A year later, Lee saw the Spyder concept car at the New York Auto Show and asked the distributor, Luigi Chinetti, about buying it. Chinetti told him it wasn’t for sale. Remembering Ferrari’s advice, Lee sent a telegram to Italy asking to purchase the car for $9,500. To his surprise, and Chinetti’s dismay, his offer was accepted. Lee later learned that the car cost $20,000 to make.

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