20 Photos That Prove People Had More Class in the Past

We all know that “the good old days” were more than good, they were awesome. People had a sense of style, taste, and class that seems to be missing these days.

A young, dashing Harrison Ford.

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12 thoughts on “20 Photos That Prove People Had More Class in the Past”

  1. The good old days, from the best of the best…When Hollywood had real actors that acted — because they loved doing what they did in front of the camera. Instead of now, where they worry more about the fame, money and how big an estate they live in…

  2. So sad to see that elegance has been lost in the last years, hope that these photos are kept to show future generations of what we had and they have destroyed…somethings are good, medical equipment for saving life…those are great, but much of the technology has made people “ignorant s” they have lost family and people contact..they do not know how to speak, read and write….. I surely pray that the generations to come will start to rebuild all this that has been lost and forgotten, because if it keeps it up, too much technology living like bums.

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