20 Photos That Prove People Had More Class in the Past

We all know that “the good old days” were more than good, they were awesome. People had a sense of style, taste, and class that seems to be missing these days.

A young, dashing Harrison Ford.

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36 thoughts on “20 Photos That Prove People Had More Class in the Past”

    1. I like all the pictures and I wish those styles of clothes come back
      And all the respect people had for each other! But the long dresses
      In the hot beach , and all the guys having fun, while women holding
      Their suits and being so hot!! Not
      So kool!! 😂

  1. The good old days, from the best of the best…When Hollywood had real actors that acted — because they loved doing what they did in front of the camera. Instead of now, where they worry more about the fame, money and how big an estate they live in…

  2. So sad to see that elegance has been lost in the last years, hope that these photos are kept to show future generations of what we had and they have destroyed…somethings are good, medical equipment for saving life…those are great, but much of the technology has made people “ignorant s” they have lost family and people contact..they do not know how to speak, read and write….. I surely pray that the generations to come will start to rebuild all this that has been lost and forgotten, because if it keeps it up, too much technology living like bums.

    1. I 150% agree, I often think about the good old days and I’m only 58, but it just makes me sad that so much has changed due to technology and artificial intelligence. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a map (remember the old paper road maps) in anyone’s hands in over a 15 years!
      Another class act was Robert Redford in his early days. The Great Gatsby my favorite, and The Horse Whisperer

      1. I use paper maps all the time. The thing that drives me crazy today is, people staring
        into their smartphones, mindlessly. I actually still have a flip! Technological dinosaur,
        and I like it that way.

      2. People had style, class , grace and pride. Less make up, less fake body parts, less nakedness was key. Nothing is left to the imagination now with everything being on display. The ship of Class has long sailed.

    2. What a complete and accurate observation, your positive message is a good reminder to the young generations to see what we had was a meaningful way to live; a life with honor, dignity, self-respect, classy and stylish. These days, teachers are competing with the ever-changing technology to instill desirable traits in their young students. It’s a losing battle, my opinion.

    1. Absolutely. I agree with everyone. It was a pleasure & exciting to get all dressed up for a date
      I am from the 60’s and am so so happy I had the chance to experience a wonderful era.

  3. Movie stars in those days were classy and elegant. Very aware how they appeared in public. They walked the red carpet with confidence smiling at the crowd. They didn’t take time out to pose one hour for the cameras.

    1. Gorgeous – the people, the clothes, the hair. The way they cut men’s suits back then – oh my ! You just don’t see that anymore. And of course the women’s clothes. But – not to get too nostalgic – life could be harder back then too. The advances in medicine primarily since even the 50’s and 60’s. I wouldn’t have wanted to live with cancer or HIV or anything back then. Still don’t want to live with those things but thank God for the advances.

  4. The pictures shown were the ultimate of class. In today’s society there is absolutely no class. The so called celebrity is in a costume, jeans and tee shirt or a dress that shows far to much skin to be classified as class. They never try to show their intellect or decorum in any setting. Certainly never try to gain respect of their fans!

  5. Ah the good old days when the movies were full of beautiful people that actually entertained us and did not try to push their political views down our throats.

  6. Celebrities had “class” back then. They didn’t revel in being “trashy”, that’s the only way I can think to put it.
    These days so many people think they have to act outrageously in order to be noticed.
    I loved the man on the skateboard–that was “true class”

  7. I love the look but I have to admit that I really wouldn’t enjoy having to wear a dress, stockings, heels, and don’t forget the girdle, every time I stepped out of the house. But please scrap the yoga pants and pajama bottoms in public.

  8. Our first date before we were married was at a soda fountain just like the one that is pictured here in the early 50’s. We are enjoying our 66 years of marriage this coming November.

  9. Ditto to everything said! It is a shame that dress and actions have fallen so far. I also hope that the future holds some return to those gracious habits!!

  10. These pictures bring back memories! I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, granted that medicine has advanced from then which I mean for the good, The problem with todays generation is the both men and women do not have the taste for style especially when going for job interviews, funerals, weddings and especially dinner. Now comes the best part and that is we ( the gentlemen/ guy’s) held the door open for the ladies and they would thank you, today women expect you to hold the door and that is to be expected.
    Now one day some years ago I held the door to my local dinner for a young lady which I have to say was 2 to 8 years younger than me and as she entered the establishment she said ” glade that CHIVALRY HASN’T DIED” of coarse I replied you are welcome. So What I’m getting at is that manners have gone out the window.

  11. Janice E. Prescott

    Such good memories. Thank you for making my day. Just hope some day we get back to some of this. So tired of seeing yoga pants on 300 lb butts. Dear Lord what were they thinking?

  12. Look at how beautiful women looked in dresses. They were special, feminine, not at all like a man. But now all you see is jiggling buns in those awful leggings. That’s the new norm? What happened to having some class? Just really sad.