15 Cute Stewardesses of the 60s-80s at Your Service

Pacific Southwest Airlines employee in mini-skirts and go-go boots.

The flight attendant occupation took permanent shape in the 1930s as “women’s work,” that is, work not only predominately performed by women but also defined as embodying white, middle-class ideals of femininity.

As the nascent commercial aviation industry sought to lure well-heeled travelers into the air, airline managers and stewardesses together defined the new field of in-flight passenger service around the social ideal of the “hostess.”

Our first stunning lady is clearly made of the ‘white stuff’…..

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8 thoughts on “15 Cute Stewardesses of the 60s-80s at Your Service”

  1. I was 19 years old in 1957 when I took my first PSA flight from San Diego to San Francisco.. For a young man at the time the young women were truly a Wow. Time changes everything. I love the memories but think its better today in trying to reduce sexism in the workplace. I love and respect women. They deserve to feel non threatened in every aspect of their daily lives.

  2. I was Blessed to marry one of those that even had to be a nurse as well at the time she hired on with PanAm in 1965. We were married in 1970 that lasted until a severe cancer took her home to be with Jesus in 2001. She was a beautiful little red head that looked so much like Julie Andrews that many times passengers would ask, “where is the camera” as they thought she was Julie and that Candid Camera was using her on that flight. Five different people on one flight of a 747 Seattle to London ask her that question on that trip.

  3. 1960s – MINI SKIRTS ! GO GO BOOTS ! I wore this when I was 8-9-10-11-112-13 years old ! Then Bell Bottoms hit the Runway !

  4. I wonder why you didn’t show any pictures of Pan Am stewardesses? Was it because Pan Am wouldn’t have dreamed of putting their stewardesses in mini skirts.? Pan Am was very conservative and wanted their stewardesses to look classy, not trassy. Yes, there were stricked rules of make up, hair style, weight and we can”t forget the girdle (bad idea). The girls were better educated and couldn’t start working until they were twenty one years of age. The airline hired a lot of girls from all over the world and they had to speak several languages.