15 Amazing Photos That Bring The 1980s Back To Life

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The Hags, an all girl skateboarding crew hanging out in 1984

Started by Sevie Bates in the early ‘80s, the Hags were a raucous all-girl, punk rock skateboard club who were all skating on the periphery of Tony Alva and his Z-Boy skate crew in Los Angeles. Because they were girls they weren’t allowed to join any of the crews, so rather than give up, Bates made some back patches and started skating together. Early Hag Mimi Claire told Bust:

We’d skateboard around, go to shows, and be our own little posse of Hag girls. There was camaraderie with that. If one of us just skated around with a vest on, it was different than seeing a handful of us together. When you have a group like that, there’s a level of untouchability that comes with it. Your power seems to multiply.

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