14 Cases of Unsolved Disappearances & Missing People

The mountains of Lander, Wyoming, where Bechtel disappeared
Source: Flickr/Ashton Martin

Amy Wroe Bechtel vanished without a trace during a run in 1997.

Bechtel went missing during a run on July 24, 1997, which police know as her car was found near a running trail she frequented.

Her car and an eyewitness who claimed they saw a woman who could have been Bechtel jogging was all the evidence there was. Six years later, a watch similar to the one Bechtel owned was found in the area, but it was impossible to connect it to her.

According to Fremont County sheriff Sgt. Roger Rizor, the lead investigator, there is just one person of interest: Bechtel’s husband, Steve, who has since refused to take a polygraph test.

“In my mind,” Sgt. Rizor told the Billings Gazette, “there is only one person that I want to talk to, only one person who has refused to talk to law enforcement, and that’s her husband.”

Steve Bechtel maintains his innocence and was able to provide an alibi for the time of his wife’s disappearance. While her case remains open, her husband declared her dead in absentia in 2004.

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