14 Cases of Unsolved Disappearances & Missing People

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A mysterious passenger on a flight to Seattle demanded $200,000 and then jumped out of the flying plane. All we know is that he bought a ticket under the alias D.B. Cooper.

In 1971, a man casually drinking a bourbon and soda on his flight to Seattle passed a note to a stewardess explaining that he had a bomb in his suitcase and requesting $200,000 in $20 bills. As soon as the flight landed in Seattle, he received his money, let the other passengers off, and demanded that the pilot take him to Mexico City.

But before he reached the southern border, Cooper shockingly made the choice to skydive out of the plane at 5,000 feet in terrible conditions, wearing his normal pants and loafers.

It was likely that Cooper did not survive the fall, but nonetheless, a manhunt was on. Cooper, which was probably an alias, was never found. In 2016, the FBI officially stopped investigating.

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