13 Mysterious Places with Huge Historical Value

There are many interesting places all over the world that have been abandoned or destroyed for all kinds of reasons. From abandoned amusement parks to sunken ships or islands, some of these places are as beautiful as they are mysterious and intriguing, hiding all sorts of stories and historical value.

Read on to discover some of the world’s long-lost and abandoned places that were once thriving with people and bustling with life!

Fukushima supermarket

This picture shows the aftermath of one of the greatest catastrophes in Japanese history. In March 2011, an earthquake occurred in the area and the huge tsunami waves that soon followed damaged the Fukushima Daiichi (“Number One”) plant in northern Japan. The radiation leaks prompted the authorities to evacuate over 300,000 people and then decided the entire evacuation of Fukushima. The people of Fukushima had no choice but to leave all their belongings and entire lives behind and seek refuge in other cities, with relatives or friends.

Today, Fukushima is a deserted town. The only signs of the former, thriving town are the old, ghost-like buildings were there was once full of people. Some of the evacuated neighborhoods are still considered too dangerous for former residents to go back even after almost 10 years from the nuclear meltdown.

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