12 Rare Images That Capture The Past In All Its Glory

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Stevie Nicks coming out of her trailer with a smile during the ‘Little Lies’ video shoot. (1987)

Stevie Nicks made the move over to Fleetwood Mac along with Lindsey Buckingham, the two were a package deal. The musical duo had more than just a long-standing creative partnership, they were high school sweethearts. They formed “Fritz Rabyne Memorial Band” with some friends back in high school and played school functions in addition to landing small gigs all around the San Francisco Bay Area. The couple eventually branched off and made an album together as “Buckingham Nicks” before finally joining Fleetwood Mac in 1974. Here she is during the “Little Lies” shoot, which was the third single taken from the 1987 album Tango in the Night.

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