12 Rare Images That Capture The Past In All Its Glory

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Lynda Carter sporting a blonde wig for a Wonder Woman episode. (1975)

The lovely Lynda Carter in here iconic role of Wonder Woman. This shot is from the original pilot, where Carter rocked the Paradise Island look… complete with a blonde wig as a disguise to win a contest. How very Charlie’s Angels.

In the episode, the blonde Amazon we come to know as Wonder Woman, demonstrated her exceptional skills and abilities during an Olympic-style gaming events. She ties for first with another Amazon. The tie-breaker involved the two women shooting at each other in a challenge called the “bullets and bracelets” event. The one being shot at must deflect the bullets with her bulletproof bracelets.

The tricky blonde wins…. Once she removes her disguise it’s revealed to be Diana. The blond woman wins the event, superficially injuring her opponent’s arm. When she is pronounced the winner and allowed to go to America.

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