12 Rare Images That Capture The Past In All Its Glory

Every decade has its iconic moments, treasured stars, and its contributions to society as a whole. Collected here are some rare photos that awaken fond memories from various decades of the recent past. It doesn’t matter what era you consider to contain ‘glory days’ these photographs serve as reminders that history continues to be written every day and that every day is the greatest time to be alive.

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Do you want to know a secret….Stevie Nicks and George Harrison at an event in 1977.

Pictured here are music legends George Harrison of the Beatles and Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac hanging out at an event together back in 1977. In addition to having a mutual professional respect for each other, the two were friends, and Nicks has even gone so far as to call George Harrison an inspiration to her. In fact, she has kept a photograph of her and George Harrison, along with the well-known Maui restaurateur Bob Longhi. The photo was taken back in the 1970s and Nicks keeps it with her when she’s on the road and looks to it for inspiration regularly.

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