12 Awkward Photos from The Past That Really Deserve Some Explanations

There are some photos out there that we can’t help but categorize as strange. It’s really difficult to pair them up with anything else, so we just thought we’d put them all together in one place for your viewing pleasure.

From daredevil women to wholesome flour sacks, these pictures are sure to take you through a range of emotions.

Each of these an open window to the past and, honestly? Most of them make us think that ‘the past’ isn’t so far behind after all. Scroll through to see exactly what we mean by this!

Gas-Resistant Carriage

Every loving parent wants what’s best for their children, even in times of war. Many families in Europe feared for their children’s’ well being but did not want to cut back on spending quality time with them. In 1938 this woman was pictured with a gas-resistant carriage while wearing a mask herself. Designed by FW Mills in the years leading up to WWII. The threat of gas attacks was imminent, and gas masks were distributed to everyone in Britain, including babies. This pram was an alternative and had a lid with a glass panel and a gas filter on the top. An old motor horn bulb on the back expelled stale air and sucked in new to ensure fresh ventilation.

Nowadays we can’t imagine what going for a stroll in a potential war zone must be like, but the harsh reality is that many families across the world live with this sort of daily fear. It’s abundantly clear that even decades ago, parents would spare no expense for the safety of their kids.

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