11 Historical Photos and the Amazing Stories Behind Them

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A man standing on the first cables during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, with the Presidio and San Francisco in the background (1935).

Only brave men worked on the construction of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, because in the 1930s, there was an unwritten rule about high-steel bridge construction projects like the one in the photo. For every 1 million dollars spent on construction, the engineers should expect at least one fatality among the workers.

However, the $35 million Gold Gate Bridge had a safety record with only 11 deaths. Unfortunately, the bridge took other lives, because more than 1,500 people have thrown themselves off the bridge, making it the top suicide bridge in the world.

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  1. Back in the late 60’s, as a young Iron Worker i would run on the beams or trusses but only as high as 20 -30 feet up in the air. This with a 30 pound tool belt with spud wrenches banging away, strapped tight to my waist. Like the high wire act (and there were many like acts) at the Golden State bridge, it was a rush.
    OSHA took a long, long time to get stricter as to “safety first.” Now, as I understand even connecting, one has to “tie up” when possible. Thank goodness, one day I was called / requested to get down and go chat with a wise General Foreman. The good news is that somebody reported your antics. The bad news (for me anyways) the boss also said; here’s your check, you’re fired! He had some other choice words I would not mention here. But I never did it again. The GF has long ago passed away. I know this man saved my life. RIP