11 Gawk-Worthy Photos From History That Will Leave You Speechless

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History is full of strange, macabre and downright terrifying things and this is exactly what you are going to see in the following images. With the help of photography, some of the creepiest and weirdest events, practices or people have been immortalized on film and put on display, for everyone to see. Are you brave enough to take a look?

Source: Pinterest

Brains for sale in St. Louis, 1978

If brains were for sale, a lot of people would have to line up to get some. But guess what? In 1978, St. Louis actually had a store where you could buy brains, fortunately, not the type that would keep Hannibal Lecter satisfied. The consumption of animal brains, such as cow and veal, is still quite common in various cultures and international cuisines such as France, Spain, Mexico or Italy.

This photo has gained popularity after it was used on the cover of the third album of Bill Frisell – Where in the World? – released in 1991. The album includes performances by Frisell, Hank Roberts, Kermit Driscoll and Joey Baron, under the Elektra Nonesuch label.

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