10 Ridiculous Things People Used to Believe 50 Years Ago

It’s always entertaining and fun to revisit the past and wonder how people back in those days ever managed to cross the street without hurting themselves in the process. It’s also fun to pretend we are smarter today, have learned our lessons and will not make the same mistakes as our predecessors before us. Nor that in fifty years’ time our descendants will not laugh hysterically at some of the things our ignorant selves used to do or believe in.

But let’s not divagate from the topic at hand. The 1960s. A time full of bizarre ideas and uninformed people when misogyny reigned supreme, DUI was a rite of passage and sugar was harmless. All we can do is be glad we’ve moved past those times when people believed that…

You could just shake fat off

Years ago, women were considered attractive if they had curvy and voluptuous bodies, symbolizing abundance and fertility. Somewhere down the road, the perceptions of a woman’s “ideal” body changed from bosomy and curvy to thin and super skinny. Since then, we’ve embarked on a hot pursuit to get rid of the unwanted pounds but do as little as possible in the process. Put differently, to be skinny but still eat our favorite desserts whenever we want.

There have been all sorts of crazy and downright ridiculous methods used by people over the years to lose weight, from absurd weight-loss devices to magic pills that claimed to “melt the fat away while you sleep.” One such crazy device was the vibrating belt workout machine. Why work up a sweat when you could just shake the fat away?

According to the Orange County Register, the vibrating belt machine was quite popular 50 years ago, among people of all ages and genders who wanted to lose weight, despite experts warning it didn’t do much for weight loss. Nevertheless, people still bought them like crazy, mesmerized by the prospect of losing extra pounds without diet and exercise. Today, the vibrating belt machine has been replaced by apple vinegar, weight-loss lollipops, tapeworms and even slimming sunglasses, because we’ve apparently learned our lesson…not!

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